— Have you ever gone through a path breaking business ideas while on trekking or during night out with your close friends??

— Have you thought of a process which could ease out the stress you faced difficulties in??

— Have you ever came across world changing ideas in your shower??

MARKETING in today’s world is not just only selling to end user, but about sending a friend request to a person, and being their BFF!!

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

MARKETING is a mantra/process/path which can lead your product to a global brand.

You know, you have already started walking on this path..
But yes, Marketing actually starts way before creating the product, it starts with your Idea!
And the part 1 of our story here, to curate, nurture, mold and create vision for our shower idea, has already put you on path to create a successful marketing and a global BRAND!

Don’t worry…


I am Karan Sangoi, 26 y.o from Mumbai. I left my job in January 2021, after serving 2.3 years.
Left job as it was something I don’t like, adding to it, job hours were minimum of 11 hours daily and management was toxic enough.
Now I have started freelancing, and want to own a business, as also I come from Jain family, which kinda makes it in genes.
I was full of confidence during my college days but lack money to do things, came job came money but then I lacked confidence. …


Freelancer, Humurous, fun loving person, wantrepreneur :))

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